Cruise on Halong Bay – a must-see experience in Vietnam


Halong Bay – one of the seven natural wonders of the world
A must-see experience when in Northern Vietnam
We can arrange two-day and three-day trips to Halong Bay. If you want, one-day trips can also be arranged, although we do not recommend it.

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It is difficult avoiding Halong Bay, when you go to Vietnam, especially if going to the northern part of the country. A few years ago in a major poll, 100 million people voted Halong Bay one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

From hectic Hanoi it is a four-hour drive by minivan through the city suburbs to the rural areas along the Red River delta. The scenery of rice fields along the main road to Halong is beautiful. The buffalos are enjoying themselves in ponds, while the Vietnamese people with their characteristic pointed hats, are working hard in the bright green rice fields.

On the horizon the rocks are gradually rising from the water as you get closer. It is a pleasant surprise to board a traditional junk boat, where service and quality go hand in hand. Charming cabins with private shower, toilet and not to mention, hot water. There is a minibar with a good selection, air conditioning, smoke detector and most likely room service, if desired.

The cabins are, apart from the size, comparable to a 3-star hotel. More space is not necessary though, when you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the world from the upstairs terrace lounge chair. There are 11 cabins and typically 22 passengers. A guide and staff make sure you are not missing anything. Lunch is served at departure. Today it consists of pumpkin soup, big mussels deliciously served in seashells, freshly caught fish cut and served at the table, several vegetable dishes, a fine selection of wine and beer at reasonable prices and last but not least, fruit for dessert.

Before you get time to digest, one tall limestone rock after another appears. The rocks suddenly make the junk boat seem very small. Over 3000 limestone islands are scattered in the emerald green waters and while some islands are no more than rocks, others are much more extensive and include huge cathedral-like caves with stalactites and stalagmites.

Most of the islands are covered with thick green vegetation and there are deserted sand-covered bays everywhere. It seems as someone randomly threw the rocks all over the large area. According to the legend, there might be some truth to it. The story goes, that a giant prehistoric dragon, living in the mountains, one day ran to the coast, swinging its tail with such power that it created deep gorges and valleys. When it dived into the ocean, areas that had been dug up by its tail were filled with water, only leaving the highest cliffs visible. It is almost therapeutic to sit and watch the rock islands silently slide by.

For those interested, there are planned activities. The afternoon tour goes to one of the largest caves and caverns, as found everywhere on Halong Bay. The caves are amazing stalactite formations created over thousands of years. In some of the larger caves, stalagmites (growing upwards) and stalactites (growing downwards) are illuminated in various colors, giving the inside of the caves a special atmosphere.

It takes at least half an hour to walk through the huge caves. There are many people sharing the experience, but fortunately not all are headed to the sandy beach, ending the afternoon with a swim. Who would have thought that such fine beaches existed in the middle of a bay! Halong Bay is undoubtedly a wonder.

After a sumptuous evening meal, part of the evening is of course being spent on the deck along with the silence and the view of dozens of anchored junk boats, enlightened and swaying to the movements of the water. After breakfast in the morning, you can go on a kayak tour, where you get the chance to get closer to nature. It is a magnificent sight sitting in the kayak on the jade green ocean and looking straight up on very tall limestone rock. If you are lucky, an eagle will soar off the cliff, fly in descending circles that are becoming smaller and smaller until eventually being able to catch an unsuspecting fish at the surface.

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