Train travel in Thailand – When transport becomes an experience

Traveling by train is always a special experience when you are in a foreign country, especially in Thailand. Do not miss out on a train ride if possible with your itinerary.

The night train north to Chiang Mai and the night train south, connecting the islands of Koh Tao, Koh Phangnan and Koh Samui, are probably the most popular routes.

From Silom Road where most people live, you take a taxi with taxi meter for about 3 km or 50-60 Thai Baht to not the most beautiful although characteristic Hualompong train station. It is pronounced as it is spelled – almost.

If you are going on the 19:30 train south to the islands, it is advisable to leave in good time. There may be a traffic jam so make sure are you still arriving ahead of time. There are plenty of opportunities to stock up a little and take in a bit of the atmosphere at the station before boarding. It is not a big station and it is easy to find the train. At the station there are employees ready to help tourists, so there is no excuse for getting lost.

The train usually leaves precisely on time. The first 10 minutes you drive through a slum with houses right up along the rails. The sellers go around selling cheap beer, water and snacks. You will also be offered a menu with the choice between several 3-course menus, served at your seat. Instead, try the catering wagon and eat dinner there, experiencing the friendly staff serving like every day is a party – sometimes it is, such as when train passengers order one Singha beer after another and stories from their travels in Thailand get better and better.

The party ends at 23:00 sharp, when the restaurant closes and it is time to go back to your sleeping space, where seats have turned into beds. Five hours later, around 4 am, you will wake up as the train approaches Chumporn.

At the station there is nothing to do, but at 5 am, a new and modern bus will arrive, bringing you to the ferry with departure by boat at 7 am to Koh Tao. The high-speed catamaran takes two hours and it is recommended to bring snacks. It is not possible to buy actual breakfast before reaching the islands, though coffee and snacks can be bought on the ferry. You reach Koh Tao at 9 am and around 10:45, you are on Koh Phangnan. Are you traveling all the way to Koh Samui, arrival will be at noon.

No matter which island, it is advisable to have pre-booked transport to the hotel/resort. It is not fun being tired and confused upon arrival and having to discuss taxi prices.

Security on the trains is relatively safe. We have never heard of anyone having anything stolen on the trains – although it can still happen. Always keep personal belongings such as passport, papers and valuables on you. You can leave your luggage during dinner.

Have a nice trip!

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