Hua Hin beach is the longest beach in Thailand
-The primary beach in Hua Hin spans over 10 kilometers, running from Hua Hin city southwards to “Monkey Mountain” and the Khao Takiab area.

Its expansive stretch ensures finding a peaceful spot to bask in the sun and admire the Gulf of Thailand’s serene waters.

A variety of family-friendly activities line the shore, from pony rides and surfing to exhilarating banana boat rides. Fancy an hour-long beachside massage? It’s all here.

Beach Activities:
Hua Hin stands out as one of Thailand’s and Asia’s premier kitesurfing destinations. As the afternoon rolls in, watch numerous kitesurfers dotting the waters, particularly in the southern section of the beach, away from the bustling tourist spots.

With its sandy shores and gentle waves, Hua Hin’s beach is perfect for families, offering shallow waters ideal for little ones to splash about.

Facilities along the beach, including chair and umbrella rentals, as well as eateries serving up local delights, ensure a comfortable beach experience for all.

Best Beach for Families?
– In our view, the ideal spot for families lies just north of Monkey Mountain. Sheltered from the open sea, the waves are gentler here, allowing for safe swimming. Keep an eye out for monkeys coming down to the water’s edge from the mountain’s rocky outcrops.

Hua Hin City Beach:
The most frequented beach, nestled in the heart of Hua Hin city, is conveniently close to luxury resorts like Centara Grand Resort & Villas & Spa and Hilton. Soft sands and calm waters characterize this beach, attracting tourists with its proximity to restaurants and shops.

While beach chairs are plentiful near the resorts, a short stroll down unveils quieter areas for unwinding.

Khao Takiab Beach:
Located about 7 kilometers south of the city’s main beach, Khao Takiab Beach offers a wider expanse and a quieter ambiance. Though the waters may be livelier, visitors can enjoy horseback rides and jet ski rentals here.

Arriving from the city, the Blue Wave hotel serves as a convenient drop-off point, boasting numerous beach amenities and affordable dining options.

Suanson Beach:
A 15-minute drive south of Hua Hin city, Suanson Beach extends the tranquility of Khao Takiab Beach. Known for its clear waters and minimal crowds, it’s a favorite among locals seeking respite from tourist-heavy spots.

Had Sai Noi Beach:
Located further south, Had Sai Noi Beach promises solitude and serenity. Less frequented by tourists, it’s a hidden gem for seasoned Hua Hin visitors seeking a tranquil escape.

Cha-Am Beach:
About 20 kilometers north of Hua Hin lies Cha-Am Beach, perfect for water sports enthusiasts. With its six-kilometer stretch, it’s a nostalgic reminder of Hua Hin’s earlier days.

Khao Kalok:
Situated about 40 kilometers from Hua Hin, Khao Kalok boasts picturesque landscapes and emerging development, offering a glimpse into the area’s evolving charm.

Ao Manao Beach:
A bit of a drive, about 1-1.5 hours from Hua Hin, Ao Manao Beach enchants with its secluded bay, azure waters, and unique experiences like golfing and monkey encounters.

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