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We have returned home safely from our trip to the East and we thank you for a good trip to Vietnam.

Hi Jakob,

We have returned home safely from our trip to the East and we thank you for a good trip to Vietnam.

Overall, a trip with nearly perfect logistics. Transfers, bikes, boats and motorcycles were in the right place at the right time. It was a trip costing a lot of money, but we felt we had good value for the money, especially considering the number of people occasionally put in the vehicle and despite the increasing prices due to the dollar suddenly going crazy. The hotels were all of a good standard.

However, the first two days in Hanoi could preferably be swapped around. Partly because the first day in the afternoon we walked around in neighborhoods also visiting the next day with the guide. Also, on the second day many of the places we were supposed to visit were closed, because it was Friday.

Golf in Hanoi was good. Not many people were on the course and we ran into an American and Korean couple living in Hanoi and divided us into a men's and a women's team, each with three participants.

The guide in Hanoi was okay, even though he was called in on a short notice, as the guide we should have had got sick.

It was more than cool at the Halong Bay, but it did not ruin a nice trip with good companions on board.

The guide in Hoi An was really good, empathetic with humor, good explanations to our questions and excellent English. High praise to him.

Golf at Montgomery Links was fine. We were put together with a resident American and his son and there was enough space on the course. However, this was not the case at Danang Golf Club, where we got into some slow, Korean four-balls. We should also have been in a four-ball, but the ones we were supposed to be playing with did not show up and we were sent off alone. The round took more than 4 hours.

We were picked up at the airport by a driver who was competent and reliable, but unfortunately did not speak a word of foreign language. He was with us the rest of the time, although unfortunately not the last day.

However, the guide was a disaster. An Asperger's type totally without empathy and humor. 20% of what he told was completely wrong, 30% incomprehensible because of his English and the rest understandable and perhaps true. When we asked questions he did not listen, but carried on and did not give any relevant answers. I already gave up on him late morning on the first day, while Inge still tried to communicate with him, but without much success. Obviously I do not know if he was responsible for the planning, but if so, he should probably step back and concentrate on the planning, as this was fine.

Golf in Saigon was not good either. Both courses were totally crowded with Korean four-balls and especially the back nine was bad, as flights were sent off in both 1 and 10 and obviously this had to cause problems at the back nine.

For reasons unknown, we had to leave for Long Than at 7:30 am. We arrived at 8:30 am and had tee-time at 10:00 at a four-ball. We then had to choose between playing earlier or waiting. Remembering Danang, where our partners did not show up, we chose to play, avoiding an hour of waiting. The front nine went reasonably, although with a lot of waiting. As we were supposed to start the back nine, several four-balls had set off first, therefore we had to wait. By several holes we stood two flights at the tee and waited for the ball in front. After nearly four hours, getting to the 16th hole, we were three flights waiting. We gave up and went inside. As a remark, it was not par 3 holes. 15th was a par 5 hole and 16th par 4.

For Vietnam GCC we had to leave at 8:00 am with tee-time at 9:30. This was fine, but the situation from Long Than repeated itself. We were sent off in a two-ball among Korean four-balls. At hole 10, we had to wait, while the new four-balls were sent off. We had after four hours of play only reached 12 holes. On hole 13 (par 3) two flights were waiting at the tee. Thinking we would play out, a four-ball, who had taken a break, came and played before us. We could then figure out that the round would take additional two and two and a half hours to finish. We simply could not manage this, so we stopped again.

In the clubhouse, I asked to speak with someone responsible and had a very good talk with the female manager. She fully acknowledged that they sent off as many as they could without considering the time. I mentioned the possible difference between Eastern and European attitude and she replied with a crooked smile saying there was a difference, knowing their Korean customers being very patient and would not dream of complaining about six to six and a half hours for 18 holes. She offered to refund the green fee, so we would only have to pay for nine holes, but when she saw Indochina still not having paid the bill, she would then not pay the difference, but make the refund through the settlement.

So all in all, a great trip experience-wise, but golf-wise somewhat frustrating.


PS. Yes. I will definitely recommend you to others, but also tell them that golf in the East can be a very slow process requiring lots of patience.

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