• Go24 is an expert travel agency founded in 2006 in Hua Hin, Thailand. Go24 organizes excursions, hotel bookings, travel packages and golf packages as well as acts as local agent/technical organizer of several travel companies in Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia. As a travel agency we can arrange all trips and excursions in Thailand and neighboring countries. Go24 has a strong focus on golf and can arrange golf bookings and golf hotels throughout Thailand
  • Because we are a highly recognized travel agency in Thailand: – We have extensive knowledge in Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia. – We have low prices because we have low costs. – We have visited the places we recommend. – And perhaps most importantly: Our experience speaks for itself.
  • It depends entirely on, what you want. Many things can easily be done by email. If you want us to arrange a private tour, we start by having a talk about your ideas, plans, budget etc. in order for us to plan the perfect trip for you. The conversation can take place when it suits you.Depending on the booking, we confirm within 24 hours by email sent from our booking system. For more complicated bookings with many hotels etc. to be booked, it may take up to a week. Remember that the confirmation is only valid after full payment is received and registered by Go24.
  • We are a fully licensed Thai travel agency and also a member of the ATTA (Association of Thai Travel Agents). We do not sell airplane tickets, but organize country events in Thailand directly to customers and several travel agencies buy our products to sell to their customers. If you choose to buy travel insurance guaranteed against various accidents and buy your own flight ticket, there is usually money to be saved by dealing directly with us.
  • We have customers from all over the world. Many buy full trips and packages with us, while others buy excursions, transportation and golf. In total we assist between 3000-3500 guests yearly, mainly in Thailand, but also Burma, Vietnam & Cambodia.
  • Currently we offer the following methods: I. Bank transfer to Denmark.II. Bank transfer to bank in Thailand. Typically, it takes between 3-6 business days for a money transfer to go arrive to Thailand, because Thai banks put a temporary hold on the money. Please note that banks in Thailand take a fee/commission. The sent amount is therefore rarely, what we receive. All costs in Thailand must be paid by the customer. Please remember to always apply the booking number on the payment, so we can see the, who has sent money.
  • Yes we do. When we have registered payment in our booking system, it will automatically send out an email confirming that we received money and how much we have received.
  • We do not charge any fee for unregistered bookings.When the order is confirmed, we request a deposit of 20-25% or full payment, if the date of the trip is close.Any outstanding amount must be paid about 6-8 weeks prior to arrival, before we issue vouchers, sending them electronically in PDF format.
  • We upload all vouchers to Dropbox in PDF and will typically send the link within 10 days (often before) Read vouchers carefully and take note of any meeting places and times. It may be wise to print all vouchers, but make sure to have them on your smartphone or tablet. It is important to read the vouchers thoroughly and check that all information is correct. If you notice errors in the voucher, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • There is often considerable work associated with changing a booking. We will change the booking when feasible but there will often be a charge depending on the changes. Please note that any hotel changes, such as cancellation of one or more rooms or change of the period, are considered a cancellation and an extra fee will be added.
  • Questions that arise during the trip are often easy to answer. You can call us on 085 094 3444, weekdays from 8:30 am to 17:00. In an emergency we can be contacted outside opening hours at emergency telephone 085 094 3444.

Taxi, boat, bus and train

  • All taxi prices are displayed on our website. They include all taxes and applicable fees.
  • No, all prices are inclusive fees for toll roads and parking.
  • Our driver will welcome you at the Exit No. 3 called “Meeting point” holding a sign with your name on it.
  • If the flight is delayed, we will wait for you for free for the first hour. If the delay is more than 1 hour, a charge of 300 THB will be added at the start of every additional hour.
  • Bangkok Downtown about 30 minutes Hua Hin about 3 hours Pattaya about 1 ½ hours Koh Chang about 5 hours
  • Yes, they are!
  • Yes, they are!
  • We have a limited number of seats. Contact us in advance to reserve one. Be aware that the standard on the seats should not be expected to be the same as in the EU and very few cars in Thailand have 3-point safety belts. If this is cause for concern, we recommend to bring your own.
  • All our cars have first class insurance and accident insurance, but because of limitations in the amount of coverage, you should always have your own private travel and medical insurance while traveling in Thailand.
  • Please check that you are at the right place. Then contact us via our 24-hour hotline 085 094 3444
  • Go24 can under no circumstances be held responsible for missed flight/ferry/train/buses, etc. related to late arrival, traffic, accidents or other emergencies that we have no influence on.
  • 1. Through Paypal for a service charge of 4%.

    Taxi and transfer cancellationCancellation fees
    More than 24 hours prior to transfer
    If cancellation is made 24 hours prior to arrival – 1000 THB administration fee
    12 – 24 hours before the transfer
    If cancellation is made within 12 to 24 hours prior to arrival – 50% (minimum 1000 THB)
    Less than 12 hours prior to transfer
    Full payment
    Full payment
  • Train tickets in Thailand and Malaysia can be issued 30-45 days prior to the desired departure but never before we have received payment for them. In practical terms, we will send someone to stand in line at the railway station to buy the tickets. The tickets will be delivered to the reception at the hotel and must be retrieved at the reception. Please request the tickets at the reception after check-in. In som cases, they are delivered by our local guide in connection with a tour in Bangkok.Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee availability for departure or that it is always possible to sit together but we will always do our best.The official price of the ticket and the price we charge is not the same. Our price includes fees and expenses for the physical collection of the tickets at the station and delivery to the hotel etc.Normally, even get down to the train station the less otherwise agreed. Possibly, take a taxi to the station. On board the train, it is possible to buy snacks as well as food and beverages. Train cabins in first class in Thailand are usually meant for 2 people. It is possible to lock the door. Second class trains in Thailand are shared carriages, NOT in train cabins. You can instead pull the curtain as a divider to create a one-bed space, when you feel like going to bed.
  • Whatever you prefer. Buy it yourself or we can also help you if you want.
  • It is a custom to tip in Thailand. We recommend tipping the maids, bellboys, local guides and drivers.– If you are going on a tour, you should tip about 100 THB per person for the local guide and driver. – For private transportation, you should tip 100 to 200 THB per car/van. – In restaurants, tips are almost 10-15%. Some places the tip is already added. – For the maid, you should tip about 50-100 THB every other day. – Bell boys carrying your suitcases to the room should be given about 40 to 50 THB per room.

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